Local Restaurants Helping Local Communities


In NYC alone, 16% of the residents are food insecure, and one in every five is a child.  In fact, there were approximately 242 million meals missing from what would be an adequate diet for New Yorkers last year.

Each year, much of the money available to reduce food insecurity is vulnerable to competing issues.  Available money to feed the hungry is predicated on federal, state and city allowances and the generosity of private donations.  And although Food Banks and other organizations do heroic work, they can only do so much to relieve the very real, stagnant issue of poverty and food insecurity.

Meals For Good, Inc. is a long-term solution to raising money needed to help reduce food insecurity.  Local restaurants contractually agree to add at least 25 cents to one item on the menu and every time a customer orders that item, the 25 cents goes to MealsForGood.  It’s that simple: local restaurants helping local communities.  The money raised will go to help support smaller food pantries that cannot afford to supply their clients with fresh fruit and vegetables and small family farms that have difficulty getting their goods to market. 

Meals For Good is about the community of restaurants helping their own communities.  In the last six months, we have given out grants to three food pantries for 2000 pounds of fresh produce - all from small local and regional family farms.

We believe this is a novel and substantial approach to helping to reduce food insecurity.   We hope you agree.  

Meals For Good is a 501c3 public charity. 



           For more information, email cnonas@mealsforgood.net