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Food insecurity is when you don’t have enough money to buy the healthy foods you need or you skip a meal because you don’t have enough money to buy more food. 

16% of people living in New York City (1.4 million people) are food insecure, and one in every five is a child.

In fact, if you counted the number of healthy meals missing from food insecure households last year in NYC alone, they would add up to a whopping 242 million

The statistics for the Country are staggering - in 2016, 41.2 million people lived in food-insecure households. 

Worrying about how to feed your family (or yourself) does not exist in isolation.  People who are food-insecure struggle with poverty and often have to decide whether to pay their rent or their electricity, pay  for medication,  get a metro-card - or pay for healthy food.   

There is no single face of food insecurity.  It affects people of all ages, and many fall in and out of being food insecure, depending upon their situation